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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Homefront: Freezes your Xbox?! Patch inbound!

Homefront has been out a little over a week now, and some gamers have had their share of negative experiences with THQ’s patriotic shooter. Since release, Kaos Studios has been hard at work on fixing these issues so that gamers all over can finally get to enjoying the game that they hyped so much.
Homefront‘s first week on the shelves was filled with news both good an bad. First came the reports that THQs stock had taken a massive 20% dive during the first day of the game’s release, a sudden dip attributed to the relatively poor reviews that the game had garnished from media outlets. Our own Homefront review scored the game a 3.5/5, a respectable score for the first game in a new IP.

Surprisingly, this did not deter THQ from reporting rather positive news in the days that followed. Shortly after news started to circulate that THQ’s stock was in trouble, THQ was pleased to announce that in its first day on the shelves, Homefront had sold 375,000 copies of the game. Today, THQ sent another press release with updated sales figures, indicating that Homefront has now sold through 1 million units around the world, from shipping 2.4 million units to date.
Meanwhile, reports have been circulating that a number of players are having trouble with the game freezing on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a small group of Xbox 360 owners reporting that their copy of the game would not even load to the main menu. This prompted Kaos Studios, Homefront’s developer, to announce that they were working on a number of patches to be released for the console versions of the game as well as the PC version.
The patch news doesn’t stop there as Kaos has revealed that they’ve submitted patches for review to Sony and Microsoft, and they hope to get them live to players as soon as possible. A number of details regarding what the patches will entail have also been released and are included below.


  1. Never got the chance to play H2. The 1st version was pretty fun

  2. Excellent. It was beginning to annoy me! Come check me out, alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  3. I'm glad to see a new non-franchise game performing so well. too bad its only sort of good.